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Our approach to pest control has always been one of Integrated Pest Management: education primarily - arming the customer with information on tolerance of beneficial insects, or how to take care of the problem themselves. Recommending the use of other methods such as mechanical or exclusionary to reduce pest populations. We believe that informing our customers is the best way to reduce chemicals and pests in their environment. However if the problem is too big for them or they choose us to take care of the pests, we have many options. When we apply chemicals we use a  range  of chemistry from essential oils to synthetics, depending on the customers concerns and needs.

We hope that you contact us with any questions you have, and if we don't know the answer- we know where you can find the information you need!

Thank-You for your consideration!

Norris Environmental Solutions

                         SEASONAL INFORMATION
Trees and shrubs-
Here in Northern Nevada we can experience very dry winters  with very mild temperatures. This means it is esential to maintain watering on your trees and shrubs on a regular basis. We get freezing temperatures and very cold dry winds so the moisture is getting wicked away from the planting. Frost and Wind damage is very  likely to show up in Spring when the planting starts to leaf out. Maintaining a regular water schedule through the winter will help reduce this damage- especially water the Evergreens, Pines, Junipers, etc.Most people believe they can handle this dry climate but most  Evergreens are not native to this area and need water through the winter.

With mild temperatures we see some insects come out of their over wintering shelters and start to forage early. It is still very cold over night and it is not likely most species can get re-established to large numbers yet. If we continue with the mild weather pattern it could mean the next growing season will likely be a very buggy year. Take the early warm up in January- February to check screens on your house, prune trees and shrubs away from the home so there are no "bridges" for insects to gain access to the home. If you are familiar with Dormant Oils- appyling them now is a good time to treat. Treating now with a horticultural oil, neem oil or essential oil will  help reduce the insect populations that have the potential of exploding in the spring.

Winter 2.0
OR in Northern Nevada we can get heavy snow fall. The snow and freezing temperatures keep insect populations down.Heavy snow winters can mean less insects of certain varieties. But heavy snow can break branches or bend evergreens like Arborvitae or Junipers. One way to remove snow from bent trees or shrubs is with a broom with an upward motion. Brushing down in anyway can break branches.

Spring can be a very dry season, the occasional storms that we have are not enough for most landscaping. If you can get out and hand water on the warm days it will help the trees and shrubs with their initial Spring growth. Remember we still freeze at night,  so don't turn on irregation systems yet!  In milder Springs we can usually count on seeing Elm Leaf Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Ants and Spiders very early on. If you can spot treat with Oils or Soaps it can vastly reduce the amount you may have to deal with later.

With the cool moist  Springs (from heavy winters)  we can see Powdery Mildew early on select shrubs and Crab Apples. Powdery Mildew is a white powdery substance on the new tissue coming out, it can also twist the tissue if the plant is heavily infected. Using a soap can control Powdery Mildew, but you may have to do it several times over the growing season. Specific fungicides get better control, but remember to rotate which ones you use- it can build resistance over time. With more moisture we can see Ants come out early as well. Baits work best for Ants as they take it back to the nest and it can destroy the whole colony. Make sure to try different baits to see what the Ants are feeding on, and once started keep a steady supply for them to feed on to ensure the whole colony will get some. Spiders can be vaccumed up, but they are beneficial predators and if you can tolerate them- they will help reduce the pest insects in the buggy year. 

It is very hot and dry in the summer, remember to water regularly including your Pines and Evergreens. Most are not native to this area and still need the extra water! 

The end of summer and beginning of fall is a great time to assess the trees and shrubs in your yard- they either made it (or didnt) through the extreme heat of summer. This is the best time to tell what plants are stressed or not getting enough water- all else will still be green but these plants willl stick out in the landscape . Before everything starts putting on fall colors evaluate the health of your landscape and determine if any actions may be needed to save them or decided that it's not worth it to spend the money on a tree that is too far gone, it may be more cost effective to start over.
                            2017  ACCEPTING ONLINE PAYMENTS 
​Thank-You for your patience as I have worked to get another online payment system in place. I have signed up with Pay Pal and should be able to accept all credit and debit cards through this link. I can also email invoices, call or email the office to let me know if you would prefer this method.
NOTE: You DON'T have to have a Pay Pal account to pay online. You can use the guest check out, which is not always labeled "guest" it may just say "pay with debit or credit card" . 
(3/23/17)I have found out from customers that you can't add an invoice number in the description box during check out. I talked to PayPal and they said that for registered Pay Pal users you can add a "note to seller" at the end of check out with an invoice number. Or I can email an invoice to you through Pay Pal, that will have an invoice number that can be tracked. I apologize for any inconvenience, but as of now, the description box won't allow any data to be entered.
As this is a new system for me, please be patient again as I learn how this will work for you and our company. If you have any questions, please let me know. I will do the best I can to answer them. 
Thank-You again for your patience!

Picture by Art Barnard 2/17
Washoe Lake facing NW, looking towards Mt. Rose
​We have two big announcements for 2019! 

First: beginning this year, 2019, we will no longer be doing structural pest control. We are certified Arborists and have decided to focus on the what we do best- taking care of trees. For a  more in depth explanation, please read the letter below that will also be sent out to customers with structural services in Spring 2019. Otherwise the summary is this- we are going to continue taking care of trees and plants but won't be doing structural services anymore. If you have any structural pest control needs such as Ants, Spiders, Termites, Yellow Jackets, etc. Please contact Zee Best Pest Control, owner: Lee Lawrence  775-379-2521

Second: We are excited to introduce to you Hydro Clean Carpets. It is owned and operated by some of  our family as well. Hydro Clean provides the same knowledgeable, friendly and quality service that you receive from Norris Environmental Solutions. The next time your carpet needs cleaning, I hope you will give Hydro Clean an opportunity to provide a free estimate and to earn your business.
Here is a link for their website:
                                           Covid-19/ Wuhan Flu 2020
5/8/20 Update: We very much appreciate all of the well wishes as we talk to more and more customers. We are staying safe, and hope that all of you are able to stay safe too!  Nevada has had a mild winter and the Aphids are exploding now. We haven't forgotten anyone, it has just been a difficult spring. While we were allowed to work, supply line issues with chemicals and parts for our spray equipment meant we weren't able to get to everyone on the schedule we usually are able to do. This is a very unusual spring, and we are just trying to catch up now. Please forgive us for not being able to get there sooner. If you feel that you can't wait until we can get there, at this moment we are scheduling 2 weeks out, we understand if you call someone else. Our family is very grateful and appreciate your continued support through these difficult times. Thank-You!

On 3/18/20 we were informed by the Nevada Pest Management Assoc. that the Pest Control industry was deemed essential. We have been able to keep working around the weather and plan to keep working as long as we are able to.

We have implemented, to the best of our abilities, the CDC guidelines for continuing to work. We are only doing services outside, we have always worn gloves while we do our work. For our fellow seasonal allergy sufferers, you can appreciate the unwanted attention that an errant sneeze or cough can bring these days. We are wearing face masks on job sites in an effort to reduce concerns of our clients and for our own safety. But as of now, to the best of our knowledge, we simply have allergies. If we ever suspected illness we would stop working and reschedule all work. Better safe than sorry!

If you would prefer, we can email invoices instead of leaving them by the door or garage. Also, if you have been financially affected by this, please let us know and we will work with you to set up payment plans that will fit your budget.  Please contact me with an email through to make arrangements for either emails or payment plans.
 I have found that in this last month(March) many customers who have sent payments to our P.O.Box, the payments have been lost in the mail. It appears the Post Office is struggling in this emergency as well. IF possible, I know not everyone can, but if you can- I am recommending you use the Pay Pal link on the top of this page to pay your invoices online. You don't have to have a Pay Pal account to use this link, just click "pay with debit or credit card" to check out as a guest. Hopefully sending 1's and 0's online will ensure the payment goes through, and help alleviate the burden on the Postal system.
As we go through this pandemic together, we are praying for our country, and our customers. We hope to see you again soon.
                                               Welcome 2021! 
As we prepare for the upcoming year- we would just like to thank all of our customers for sticking with us through a difficult year, that we are sure was difficult for everyone! We truly feel the words when we say, " Thank-You for your business!". It keeps our families fed, our bills paid and we are immensely grateful to be able to provide services for such wonderful people that we get to call customers!
Who knows what lay in store for the coming year, but we have faith that no matter what happens, God is already there providing a way for all of us to muddle through, somehow. Thank- you again for being our way through!
Happy New Year to all of our amazing customers! May we all have a better year!
From all of us at Norris Environmental Solutions
Another year, Another Adventure! Let's Go 2022!
Hello to all- as we all find a way to navigate another year of obstacles, we are grateful that we can keep working.
The updates for our area are that we have had another mild winter and the insects are already coming out in full force. New insects that have popped up in the last 2-3 years are wreaking havoc on our trees and nerves! 
The Elm Seed Bug is making its presence known in homes and around trees. This bug is so similar in size, shape, colors to Box Elder Bugs- it usually needs a hand lens or Professional to I.D. But, both bugs are treated the same- use any over the counter product, soap works well- to spray the adults in Spring to knock down the population for the summer. There are currently no residual products that affect them. You have to make contact with the product to be effective.
 They don't bite or sting, their populations just get to nuisance levels.
Another Beetle has entered the valleys and are attacking Ash trees as bad as the Bronze Birch Borer destroyed Birch. The main host of the Western Ash Bark Beetle is Ash, but they have been found to go after Locusts and other trees as well. The best products for this beetle are systemics. Applied once a year either spring or fall, it provides the best protection from these beetles getting established in your trees. But all Ash Trees should be treated for prevention of the Beetle now as this Borer is known for taking out trees in 1 season. 
Please give us a call if you have Ash trees and have any questions or would like an estimate for the systemic application.
Thank-You again for your business! 
We no longer accept PayPal payments. Please use one of these other credit card processors to make any payments. Please put your invoice number in the memo or note box at check out.
Or let us know, we can email invoice so you can use the Quick Books Online payments.