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Contact Us

Phone: (775) 331-5545
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Mailing Address: P.O.Box  17093
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Washoe Lake facing NW, looking towards Mt. Rose
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Hello from Norris Environmental Solutions!

After 3 decades of tree service, it’s time to change the focus of my work. Norris Environmental Solutions is no longer able to spray your trees. Please read the second page for more information.
Unfortunately, this means you will need to find a new tree service. At this time, I don’t have a company to recommend.

A note from Lang:
Let me start by saying that it has been my great pleasure to know you and take care of your property. I retired on 1/1/24, one door closes and another opens. I am now in the process of moving to Washington state. My son and his young family are there, and I will be able to help with my grandkids Mia 5 years old and the two-year-old twins, Remy and Enzo. I will be happily spending my retirement with family and fishing as often as possible!
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone!
Lang Norris

A note from Rebecca:
It’s time for me to turn over a new page in life. I’m offering my customers new services such as bookkeeping, around-the-house technology setup and light yard care. 
I’m excited to bring these new services to my customers. 
Please go to my website: and click on the services tab to see all the new services I’m offering.

Why Are We No Longer Treating Trees?

The Nevada Democrat controlled Legislator passed bill AB 162 and was signed into law by Republican Governor Lombardo. This bill restricts my ability to provide the professional services that our customers expect, by banning the sale and use of Neonicotinoid products “on plants”. Loss of the use of Neonics kills over a third of my business- they are safe products unjustly targeted. It stopped drift issues, bonds in the soil so is less likely to have water contamination, safe around pets and used as a flea and tick product. But that doesn’t stop people from using narrative based studies to ban the use of these products.

I, along with other people in the Pest Control industry- asked the Department of Agriculture to clarify in regulatory code the execution of AB 162- but the NV Ag Department only sent an email clarification and I believe it is not clear enough and not supportive enough for the Green Industry. At this time other pest control/ tree companies will continue to use Neonicotinoids, but as a small company I cannot take the financial risk of potential massive fines or loss of license to continue to use them.

It’s time to scale back the work I do with Norris Environmental Solutions. I am no longer spraying trees or using Neonicotinoid systemics. However I will continue to do fertilizing and consulting, while adding new and different services as well. Please go to my website: and click on the services tab to see all the new services I’m offering.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly or quickly- I have been doing everything I could to avoid this, but it was not meant to be. For most of our customers this means you will need to find a new tree spraying service. 

Again- we are eternally grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers. It has been a privilege to serve you all. I hope to be able to continue to serve you with the new business going forward.


                                              A note from Rebecca 

It is official, Norris Environmental Solutions is closed. I am sorry for any confusion our letter may have caused. Lang is not working anymore and moving to Washington state and we have closed the Pest control business. 
The Norris phone number will soon turn into my new business number and the Norris email will stay active for another year. I am happy to give you information about the services we were providing at your property if you need it. Please call or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can with that information.

I have a new business- Battle Born Professional Services and I would be happy to answer questions about what new services I may be able to provide. Or check out the services page on this website to get an idea of what I am doing now.

Thank you for all the years of your patronage, we have truly appreciated it!