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Tree and Plant care
Norris Environmental Solutions Services
We do  inspections of properties, Integrated Pest Management  programs, tree spraying, systemics, root feeding for weakened or stressed trees
We are certified Arborists for pruning services. We focus on young tree training, shrubs and small trees under 25' tall. We don't climb trees or use bucket trucks. If we can't reach it from the ground, we will recommend someone to deal with the larger trees.
Here at Norris Environmental Solutions, we provide many services for homeowners up to large commercial properties.And if we don't do the service you need, we usually always have a local company to recommend that does! Please call or email us for more information.
January 2019
Dear Valued Customer,
We are excited to announce a new partnership that we know will provide excellent service to our customers. We at NES have decided to focus solely on what we do best, tree and plant health care. We are certified Arborists and want to be able to provide more in depth services for trees. Doing other types of services like treating for Spiders, etc. has taken away from that.

We are now working with Zee Best Pest Control and they will take over all of the house hold insect problems you may have. Spiders, Ants, Termites, Mice, Yellow Jackets, etc. Give them a call for all future structural pest service needs. 

We have known the owner of Zee Best Pest Control, Lee Lawrence, for over 25 years and respect his work ethic and abilities in doing this work for you. We have already been recommending Lee and his company for over a year and have had nothing but glowing reviews of his services.We know you will be happy with this transition as we continue to take care of your trees and shrubs, while Lee and his company take care of your household pest control needs.

If we are currently not treating your trees or shrubs and you would like us to do so, please give us a call and we would be happy to assess their condition and discuss treatment options. If we have done both tree care and household pest control for you, we will now only be taking care of your trees and shrubs.

If you have any questions, please give either us or Lee a call. We want to make sure you are aware of this transition and are happy with it.

Thank-You for your continued patronage!
Rebecca Coleman

Zee Best Pest Control
Lee Lawrence